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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 22, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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is finally here. medical marijuana, delivered right to your door. the new pot club now open in the east bay.. and the city that says, it's illegal. rat-infested trailers, sick chickens, sexual assault. the disturbing allegations about the company behind that massive egg recall. "...people are getting so incredibly antisocial." pulling the plug on a popular pe bay area coffee shops the way they do . people are getting so antisocial. >> pull the plug on a popular perk, the coffee shop is changing the way they do business. the news starts now. this is cbs 5 eyewitness news. tomorrow is a kay in the bay area and the first one of the season. cool temperatures have kept the pollutants away. how tomorrow's spare the air is a little different. >> reporter: it has been a great summer for air quality.
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but bad in terms of what ever happened to summer and warm temperatures? >> well it has been certainly unseasonally cold weather this summer. as predicted hot weather is coming this week and so will the first spare the air day for the summer season. >> we are expecting 100-degree temperatures inland tomorrow as well as in the south bay. coo when you have high heat and auto exhaust from our tail pipes that's a recipe for smog. so we are definitely expecting unhealthier quality. >> that means no gas powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers, to barbeques and public transit. most people know the drill. >> ride the bus, walk. >> give your people the afternoon off. >> i ride my bike and my wife walks and runs everywhere. >> it is unusual this first summer alert comes to late. last year at this time, there were 14 spare the air days
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already. even though they insist people take public transit unlike other spare the air days tomorrow public transit will not be free. in san francisco, cbs 5. we will go live now to just how hot it is going to be. >> it will be hot in the area, high pressure building in a lot of folks have been waiting, and yeah we are finally getting it. things are setting up nicely tonight. the ridge continues to build in across california and it is also pry into the great basinment we get the good offshore flow going. that's a look from the plan of the sea, and as that air starts to sink a bit, it will start to heat up. by tomorrow afternoon we will keep the skies clear all night long. boy these temperatures will be scorching in the latter part of the day. today a lot of those numbers in the 60s, 70s, even 80s by tomorrow afternoon it should be
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97. and 96 santa rosa. 12 degrees warmer in san jose and 16 degrees warmer san francisco, there's talk of the pollution. we are just not used to this heat. we haven't seen it all summer long. the temperatures are some we haven't seen in a month and a half. investigators say a three alarm fire at a south bay apartment building caused millions of dollars in damage. it is believed the fire start accidentally outside f a carport in east san jose just after 10:00 this morning and quickly spread to two other apartments. 20 residents were evacuated after power was cut off in all of the units. no one was hurt. >> i look at it this way, my family and everybody is okay. you have to be optimistic on things, everybody is okay. this could be functioned. family -- fixed. family can't be fixed.
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the apartments were completely destroyed and two were damaged with water and smoke damage. the first medical delivery -- herbal essence on clayton road. the shop doesn't look like much from the outside. there aren't any signs advertising it. the company's web site says it opened in july, but the city apparently just learned about it this week. right now, dispensaries are banned in concord but the band has been challenges in court. herbal essence says it is in full compliance with state law. neighbors of the couple arrested on suspicion say calm has finally returned to their neighbor. this was the scene a year ago near the area of the center of media coverage when plies arrested phillip and nancy -- phillip and nancy, accused of holding her hostage.
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a lasting effect, they claim the area has been stereotyped as a haven for sex offenders. phillip appeared in court this week. a judge announced that he may challenge his mental competency to stand trial. they're scheduled to be back in court in october. we are learning more tonight about the health and safety issues at the iowa farm at the center of the biggest egg recall ever. more than half a billion eggs have been recalled and more than 1300 people have gotten sick from salmonella. barry peerson with more on rice county eggs troubled past. >> >> reporter: the recall centers on a company with a long list of legal woes owned by austin jack who turned a farm with 125 chickens into an operation with 15 million hens. his troubles go back to 1997, at a $2 million fine. then labor secretary robert rice said workers were forced to live in rat infested
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trailers and handled manure and dead chickens with their bare hands n. 2001, the iowa supreme court called the coster a quote repeat violator of state environmental laws for his operations, and this 2002, the company paid a $1.5 million settlement in a -- over women who were subjected to sexual assault and rape by supervisors. most recently, the company's main operation was fined after it was secretly filmed showing workers breaking the necks of sick chickens and kicking the still living animals into a waste trough. >> clearly this company was cutting corners in lots of areas including foot safety. >> the cost of the company had no comment when reached by cbs new. >> >> as critics say, the operations treat the millions of fines as just another cost of doing business, a cost that may now include a lot of sick
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americans. barry peterson, cbs news los angeles. a n a statement tonight, a spokeswoman says they're ready to cooperate with a photograph investigation and says past food safety issues were dealt with quote quickly and effectively. hundredover people gathered today to speak out about the proposed mosque at ground zero. >> everyone has pree dome of religion: itit doesn't matter if if it is two blocks or on top of it. >> we support religious freedom but my goodness, at some point we have to show a little common sense. >> the mosque and community center are still on spook be built at a site two block awe from ground zeroment supporters will keep demonstrating until the project breaks ground. now that the last has left iraq, what is next, we can find out this week, where president
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obama addresses the nation. it can take a complete failure of the forces for the u.s. to resume. elizabeth shows us more violence today. >> reporter: the american top commander in iraq says he is sure that iraqi troupe troops are ready to handle the security. on face the nation sunday he wasn't red did i to declare victory but said things are going well. >> to determine whether we have won or not we will see that in three to five years as we sue how iraq turns out. >> the last come watt unit left iraq more than seven years after the toppling of sadaam hue sawn, dramatic pictures of hundreds of armored vehicles crossing into kuwait left many wondering whether iraq is ready for the difficult road ahead.
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those dangers r clear sunday when a bomb exploded outside of baghdad killing at least one person and injuring several others. another road side bomb wounded four people in the capital. but us officials say the way to end the tax is not by keeping american troops in the country but by building up the iraqi government. >> we like to see it completed. the quicker the better, it is important to get moving forward with the continued development,. >> president obama will address the nation about iraq when he returns from vacation, expected to review the war and talk about the next phase. elizabeth sanchez for cbs news. have a gift card in your wallet, the new rules that will make spending it a little easier. >> going to coffee shops and everyone is sitting there at the lap tops with the ear bunds
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buds in. where to find the be in the world. it might be right here in northern california. ,,,,,,,,,,
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today.. any new gift card must hold its value for five years. if the physical card expires.. j. >> any any gift card must hold the value for five year, you can get the balance transferred for free and fully disclose any
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fees and termsover use. it can't be charge an inactivity fee until a year after the gift card was bought. >> you can get free wi-fi just about everybody where, starbucks but local coffee shops are pulling the plug. why they say fee surfing is bad for business. >> winning the title of best wi- fi hot spot means big business for the cafe. >> we have so many that come in everyday to work, investors talking about business. if it wasn't for you know, the internet and the ability to do online and show your product and work on your product, then maybe we wouldn't be as successful as we are. >> while wi-fi is what keeps people coming back, it's the no wi-fi on weekend policy. >> people are getting so incredibly antisocial like
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going to coffee shops and everyone is at their lap tops with ear buds in. >> the cafe just one of many coffee shops nationwide reducing or eliminating wi-fi all together. it is become a sort of mixed market where people can find a tech free zone. but when they flip the switch on weekend wi-fi here a couple of years ago it wasn't about making a culture statement or promoting communication, it was about the bottom line. >> usually people that go online spend a larger amount of time on the table, not necessarily purchasing and then, large groups come in, they get upset, can't find a table. >> while it may be turned off on next week end, it is from 3g cell phones to bring your own wireless connection, where there's a will there's a way. >> i have any my iphone or ipad you don't have to have
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wireless. >> likely a reason, not much backlash in the tech salve i savvy. >> not really, no. it is a central you know. >> for those who take their coffee with cream, sugar and wi- fi on weekends too. >> there's plenty of coffee shops for them. tonight good wet is helping firefighters get -- weather is help hadding firefighters get a handle on two fires. this wildfire in san diego is about 10% contained tonight. it has burned about a thousand acres near the clef land national forest since yesterday, it hasn't caused much damage or serious injury but yesterday ten people were air lifted out when i know they got caught behind the fireline.
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are we talking about fires? >> that's probably a bigger concern other the next couple of days, not the possibility of heat problems, and the fire danger is going to be up for the offshore winds, low humidities, just haven't been able to say that, much of the summer. it is likely i to continue into the day tomorrow. sunny skies, warm temporarily temperatures, hot numbers, clear as a bell all the way to the coastline tonight x. no fog to speak of. we are off and running toward tomorrow afternoon, those numbers moving into the 90s inland, near 100 in the hottest spots, mid- 80s and maybe low 90s. plenty of sunshine and toward the coastline, clear all the way to the coaches, definite a a great day to head out. a lot of schools back in session tomorrow. still the bay area is comfortable in some spots, 71,
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67 degrees in san jose, and 70 degrees in redwood city. keeping those numbers up now and really we can see some numbers in the higher mountain peaks, upwards of 70 for lows so we will start out and head it up, 99 from sacramento, 978 in fresno -- 98 in fresno. finally the ridge of high pressure building in to bring us a little summer heat outside. a lot of folks have been looking to that gloomy summer toward the coastline, well below the average, and looking toward tomorrow morning starting nice and cloud free, all summer long here, there you go, computer models, keeping the clouds nice and clear, with the offshore wind. it will stay that way all day long and as the wind, it starts to heat up. so it will be a banner beach day, probably the best one so far, wouldn't you know it. the kids headed back to school.
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73 in the city, about 96 in morgan hill, 93 san jose, about 88 union city, and east bay it might get uncomfortable hot in spots, 98 in brentwood, about 96 in dublin, and even inside the bay, no real sea breeze to cool you down, so lots of 80s here and the north bay also going to cook. so expect santa rosa to pop, 96 there, and 95 in the napa valley and so you get the idea. you will have a hot one, some we haven't seen. so it can get even hotter in toward tuesday, and broken out the triple digits but not that long, as early as wednesday we will see cooling along the coastline. much cooler and by this weekend people are going where did it go again. well below normal this weekend, dropping as much as 30 in the pay area.
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>> a surprise 102 there on thursday. >> and then back into the 90s by wednesday and then we will say -- >> thank you very much. >> grow your own food without a backyard. the new firemen in urban guard -- trend in urban gardening. that's next. berkeley.. thousands of [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together.
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thousands of freshmen arrived on campus today, and lugged their stuff into their new dorms. by th usand underg . it was moving day, thousands of freshman arrived today. thursday 6,000 undergraduates will be on campus and will take part in orientation. >> one of my goals since the beginning of high school was to get in. it is weird to have it actually happen now, and of course to actually. >> the class of 2014 includes 500 international students and 600 students from out of state, more than usual because of budget problems. more people are going local and growing their own food but not only in their own backyard. on the green beach, where city growers are finding a place to grow their plants. >> reporter: if onlyic speak russian,ic ask her for tips because clearly the woman speaks the language of plants. she's a backyard gardener,
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well, sort of. this isn't her backyard. the 28 by 7-foot plot of dirt belongs to the pleasant hill recreation park district and is part of a community garden. folks rent the space for $70 a year and grow mostly vegetables. >> because they're more edible, and. >> people garden here for different reasons, the price of food, relaxation, the community garden started decades ago but the demand for space reached full bloom more recently. a lot of gardeners now are new byes. >> last year we had a huge boom. the weigh last was huge. so it hadn't been like that before. i would usually have five to seven people on a wait last, last year i had 30. >> barely covers the water bill, the garden pays for itself. the it is a staple of the park, just like sports. >> people find soft balls in
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their garden. >> on the green in pleasant hill, cbs 5. there may be more close encounters this fall between grizzlies and humans at yellow stone: someme of the bears favorite foods like nuts and pine cones are in short supply, and that's causing them to come down from higher elevations to find food for the winter. what can you do to stay safe? past your pepper spray. sports coming up next.
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better performance against raiders fans happy yesterday. >> very happy. i understand.
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>> well,. >> you remember when the niners play winning to minnesota last year, brett farve in the last second game. >> who can forget. >> just a crusher for the 9ers. i don't think they ever recovered from that. >> we will take it. >> the 49ers wanted really to see alex come out with a better performance against the vikings than against the colts. start the clock and the 49ers a touchdown on the opening drive, to dixon for the touchdown and the 9ers take a 7-0 lead and for a ten yarr loss, the defensive struggle tonight. farve that was in for him. he was done, minnesota was beat 15-10. giants shut out 9-0. barry's 84 miles per hour pitch, the giants now two games back in the wild card. dallas for the first time since the per per if he can game on
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mother's day -- per perfect game on mother's day. the a's lose 3-2, and got his redemption as air lifted a year ago. today's race, and the fifth of the season, the winning championship, shot out three under 57, again the first ever player to win on the pga tour. we will have game day coming up, what about one hour from now, on cbs 5. complete report in the 49ers. looking forward to it. thank you. if you are looking for the best beer in america, look no further than santa rosa, in beer advocate magazine, russian river brewing company has the two best in the country. in all according to the magazine, the brewery makes 7%
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of the best beer in the world. business probably just got a little better for them. >> they have a heat wave coming. >> perfect timingment that's it for eyewitness news at 10:00. we are always on the web site: goodod night. >> good night. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered.
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